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Are Women Employees Living In The Fear Of Being Harshly Judged By Their Bosses?

• As per a recent study conducted by Harvard Business School, where they wanted to find out why employees hesitate to ask for time-extension on deadline.And the biggest reason is that employees think, that if they ask for more time they might look less dedicated or inefficient.

• Though Study concluded that leaders/bosses find employees, who ask for reasonable time more motivated as it shows that employee know his/her work and understands how much time a qualitative output takes.

• But surprisingly study shows repeatedly, that women are less likely to ask for time or say no for a work.

Which brings me to the question, Is this because, we have conditioned our women to seek security and validation constantly?

Despite being equally qualified and working shoulder to shoulder with men, why women are more concerned about other's judgement?

• Published on May 24, 2019

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