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How do you like to lead?

In ancient times, a King had a boulder placed on a roadway, and hid to watch who will move it out of the roadway.

Some wealthy merchants and courtiers came by and simply walked around it and moved on with blaming and cribbing about king and kingdom. Then a group of jewelers and retailers came they ordered their servants to move it, servants tried and said it's very heavy and cannot be moved they also moved on.

A peasant then came along a cart of vegetables with some farmers. He laid down his burden and tried to push the stone off road, and was promptly joined by others and they moved the boulder.

After this he noticed a purse lying on the road where the boulder had been. The purse had gold coins and a note from the King explaining that the gold was for the person who moved it. He happily distributed it among all of them.

  • 1st group's leader is a "Managing Manager" who likes to blame organization/system/administration for his failures, and barely accomplishes tasks.
  • 2nd group's leader is a "Bossy Boss" who likes to dictate others, though he manages to get work done sometimes but fails to garner respect, thus in hour of need he is left alone.
  • 3rd one is a "True-leader" who decides to lead by example and do it himself, and eventually is joined by team.

•Published on June 01, 2019

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