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Leading Through the Fog

Leadership has evolved multi fold over the last decade by transcending from its original textbook definition to a more creative, risk taking & experiential narrative form that it takes today. This holds true not just for corporate landscapes but also at an individual capacity where we constantly embrace new changes and battle new challenges.

But the real question is do we really need to acquire this skill or is it yet another learning concept that would bite the dust ?

Many thought leaders globally believe the answer to be a resounding Yes , We do need evolutionary growth skills that allow us to be free associative of our past choices and orientation and allow us to take a leap of faith into the unknown. While this sounds foolhardy to the uninitiated let me explain the merits of adopting ambiguity in your career.

  • Dealing with ambiguity constantly allows you to imagine all possibilities your course of action could take , this moment of self-reflection improves your ability to analyse & forecast risks, employ risk mitigation activities & also collaborate with your peers & teams well in advance.
  • The Leap of faith frees you from all your inhibitions, self-doubts & personal misgivings on your potential and allows you to embrace your resolute self .
  • It Inspires everyone around you to take a chance themselves and gets their personal best out there through active collaboration & supportive leadership.
  • It fosters Innovation as you are now constantly furthering uncharted territory & employ your creative impulses & faculties to solution breeding

If you are on the fence to take that plunge that will change your life, Now is your Chance!!!

• Published on October 6, 2018

Nishant Tamada

Global Talent Management Leader & Business Evangelist