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Organization Development

Balanced Scorecard

Our OD experts can help establish/refine Balanced Scorecard for your organization by implementing a framework to analyse organizational performance by Identifying Key initiatives for Achievement of Objectives & Goals, Key Result Area, Initiative Owners & Implement Broad level Steps.


Our professional OD experts can help draft your Job Descriptions , Job requirements , Ideal Profile , Job Families , Role weights, Job Evaluations etc . Furthermore we can also offer an industry comparison & evaluation so that your organization is future ready at all times.

Competency Framework

We engage with a lot of organizations to enable/refine their competency framework. Competencies could comprise of the integrated knowledge, skills, judgment, and attributes that people need to perform a job effectively. By having a defined set of competencies for each role in your business, it enables workers to adopt the right behaviours & organization values required to succeed your organizational objectives. After our diagnostic we either recommend adopting a legacy competency framework or help build one that is the correct fit for your organization.

Assessment Centre

We partner with multiple organizations across India in their Development Centre as well as Assessment centre exercises. The full body offering includes a battery of assessments conducted across the entire lifecycle of employees (Pre hiring Psychometrics,Development & Assessment Centres), the shorter exercise is particularly employed for succession planning.

Culture Audits

A variety of tools from Hofstede, OCI,OCP,CVF to customized survey based engagement tools are engaged to serve our clients globally . The parameters are normed at local standards & benchmark samples of other participating organizations is shared to offer deeper insights.

Engagement Surveys

We have an inventory of surveys for engagement ,compensation benchmarking, NPS that have been customized to gather the most accurate, secure data from participating employees that are analysed ,normed & classified to understand changing trends & highlight critical developments to the organizations.

Talent Mobility

Our body of experts help redefine your traditional succession planning models to gear up for the evolutionary pace your organization needs by emphasizing the need for strategic sourcing & going beyond workforce planning & creating career path visibility for all.