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When Technology Stares Back At You

Intervention of AI in HR has changed the organizational dynamics completely. But the question is can AI bring along humanity in Human Resources.

AI in Learning & Development - LMS is allowing employees to get learning whenever and wherever they want. Augmented reality creates real time environment for the employees to get hands on experience without harming the actual process, and expedite on the job training.

Good trainers are those who engages their audience, keep demanding audience's attention and keep bringing them back from day-dreaming.And finally leaves them with curiosity to dig deeper in the subject.

AI in Recruitment - Smashfly's AI for recruitment can ask candidates questions for shortlisting for further round, can follow them up, arrange interview and can identify chronic outliers who don't turn up on right time.And who is the right cut for the position.

Ask HRs and they will tell you about times when they chose potential-learner with good attitude, over some already-learned with bad attitude.

Can AI judge who can learn things in future and level up?

HR -Helpdesk - Now HR person does not need to answer all those "how many leaves are left in my account?, how can I save my tax?" questions, AI will take care of all these.

But can AI show the empathy employees feel when they go to HRs with these concerns?

Employee Engagement -Human AI launched by Ex.Google employee can study employee's behavioral patterns. And can remind them for tasks via message or e-mail which will make them effective and and active team player.

But can it understand when to nudge someone and when to leave him alone as suddenly he has more pressing issues?

• Published on May 23, 2019

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